HF range

New generation HF transmitters produced by "RIPR" JSC (St. Petersburg) are used in radio centers, stationary and mobile communications hub in order to organize automated channels and radio networks (including adaptive) for transmission of data and voice messages.
The unified line of transmitters and transceivers differ in their complete sets – whether they have or don’t have antenna-tuning units - that allows the user to operate with broadband antennas almost at full capacity.
Time of tuning to any frequency is approximately 1.5 s, to fixed frequencies - 50 ms. Possibility to operate at 50% power in case of failure of HF modules without power dissipation in ballasts is provided.
Possibility to operate with one amplifier, if another one is available in hot spare. The invariance with respect to amplifier type of 500 W and 1000 W HF transmitters allows for their use for the benefit of various Ministries and Departments, radio transmitters can be also tailored to the needs of the individual customers.

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